Vegas matchbooks, part 4

I have to say that I love the retro look on the inside of this matchbook. And not because it looks retro, but because it is retro. The Golden Gate Casino opened in 1955, and the Sal Sagev Hotel gets its name from “Las Vegas” being spelled backwards. Seriously.┬áThe casino owners bought out the hotelContinue reading “Vegas matchbooks, part 4”

Vegas Matchbooks, part 2

I’ve been to bingo parlors a couple of times in my life, on Native American lands outside of Albuquerque. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, by any means. Imagine a big room of cafeteria tables, and people with bingo cards, ink dabbers, and cigarettes. It’s not a fun way to spend an evening, believe me. AllContinue reading “Vegas Matchbooks, part 2”