Let it go, let it go

Over the past couple of years, I’ve simplified my life in some ways. I gave up drinking in 2011, television in 2013, and McDonald’s in 2014. I’ve tried giving up coffee, too, but I’ve succeeded at keeping my consumption down. Baby steps, I suppose. I’m not really on a self-deprivation kick, although it might seemContinue reading “Let it go, let it go”

The downward spiral continues

After still another painful defeat for Northwestern’s football team yeserday, I wrote something about it for FiveWideSports. I thought this was going to be a special year, but not in the way that it has been so far. I’m pretty sure nobody saw this one coming, actually. But there’s just two more games, and thenContinue reading “The downward spiral continues”

The end comes at last

I spend four months of the year in hibernation between baseball seasons, and then a month getting up for it in spring training, six months doing more suffering than anything else during the regular season, and then one last month on the outside looking in during the playoffs. Being a Cubs fan is a lousyContinue reading “The end comes at last”

Another lost season

I wish that I had more productive creative muses than the Chicago Cubs. It’s such a draining and aggravating experience following this team. But baseball is my game and Chicago is my home and I ¬†would rather eat my keyboard than become a White Sox fan. So here I am. I ruminated again about howContinue reading “Another lost season”

Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

While the Blackhawks have come back from Boston in triumph, the Cubs are now dropping into last place in Milwaukee. The opposite nature of these two teams–the yin and yang, if you will–was not lost on me as I wrote a piece for ThroughTheFenceBaseball last night. I don’t care too much about hockey, but itContinue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

Link to a piece on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

The 2012 Cubs have officially collapsed, and are knocking on the door of 100 losses for the season out in Phoenix this afternoon. I wrote about one element of this season, and it appeared this morning on ThroughTheFenceBaseball. Here’s the piece. You shouldn’t have to hope something you waited six months for would end quickly,Continue reading “Link to a piece on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

Countdown to the #DoubleTriple

The second part of the baseball season begins tonight. Many teams, perhaps even most teams, still have something to play for, whether it’s a division title or a chance at a wild card berth. My team, the Chicago Cubs, isn’t so lucky. They ended the first part of the season at 18 games below theContinue reading “Countdown to the #DoubleTriple”

Here’s how the Cubs can make baseball history in 2012

Who knows losing better than the Cubs? Ask anybody to play word association between a baseball franchise and the word “losers” and at least 90% will say Cubs. And the 10% who wouldn’t just don’t know anything about baseball. And yet, for all that mediocrity, the gold standard of ineptitude–the 100-loss season–has eluded the CubsContinue reading “Here’s how the Cubs can make baseball history in 2012”