Lovie’s nine-year tenure


The Chicago Bears missed the playoffs this year, and they reacted the same way that several other NFL franchises did today: they fired their head coach. The bright line between success and failure seems to be making the playoffs, and I suppose that’s fair enough. It’s a binary thing: you either made it to the playoffs and had a successful season, or you didn’t, and now it’s time to hit the bricks and let someone else have a go at it instead.

I’ve said repeatedly that I’m not a Bears fan, but this kind of a move, in a football town like Chicago is, will suck up all the attention, sportswise and even newswise, until further notice. Not that I’m going to partake in any of it, I just wanted to point that out before retiring for the evening.

I hope New year’s eve is happy and safe for anyone and everyone who reads this.