The year that still haunts me

2003 should have positive associations for me. It was the year that my younger daughter was born, and if there’s one thing in life I enjoy more than anything else, it’s being a dad. She’s going to become a teenager this summer, and looking at her now is a daily reminder that 2003–in human terms–wasContinue reading “The year that still haunts me”

Rogue’s gallery

I have a big box of baseball cards on my desk at work. Every so often, I pull one out to see what it says to me. It’s like a box filled with tarot cards, but the images are all baseball players, instead. Today I pulled out this card, and it made me stop forContinue reading “Rogue’s gallery”

Dusty left him in too long, twice

I’ll never forget the 2003 playoffs. The way it ended is something that I might never recover from. I’ve posted about that before in this space. But there are some good memories from it, too. I was scheduled to go to Atlanta on a business trip, and lo and behold, the Cubs were going toContinue reading “Dusty left him in too long, twice”