This says it all

We are at war with a virus that can’t be bombed, bullied, or threatened in any way. And the head of the resistence to this virus has never taken his role seriously. He is profoundly unqualified for the position he holds. May this be the last Memorial Day that he holds the title of Commander-in-Chief.

A quiet place to reflect

On Memorial Day, my younger daughter and I went to a nearby cemetery to remember those who have served our country. We found this spot, which appears to have been set aside for all veterans. It was exactly what it was intended to be: a quiet, beautiful, and reflective place. It’s my honor to shareContinue reading “A quiet place to reflect”

Giving a general some love

I read once that something can’t truly be called an “annual” event until it happens a second time. With that disclaimer in mind, today I made my second annual Memorial Day outing to Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago. Last year’s outing is described here, and the post that inspired that visit is here. As with lastContinue reading “Giving a general some love”

Honoring Soldiers, Schuylers, and the the guy who made our piano

On Memorial Day, I made good on a promise that I made in an earlier post in this space. In the early morning, while most of the people in the house were still asleep, I took my little one with me and we went to Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago. It was a beautiful day, andContinue reading “Honoring Soldiers, Schuylers, and the the guy who made our piano”

Going to Rosehill

A year ago, I was immersed in a project pertaining to the Civil War. As a history major, and a Lincoln buff, the project was a dream come true for me, and I threw myself into it like nothing I had ever worked on before. The project came to a successful completion, and since thenContinue reading “Going to Rosehill”