Standing on the spot

Last year I went to Memphis for Spring Break. The real goal was to visit Graceland, but several things that we did in Memphis seemed far more interesting, in retrospect. But perhaps the most important one was a visit the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. I wasn’t yet born whenContinue reading “Standing on the spot”

A life’s work

A rainy afternoon, Memphis, Tennessee My family and I, after seeing the major tourist sites that Memphis has to offer, indulged our artistic side on our last full day in Memphis recently. We went to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art for a number of interesting exhibits. I was still feeling the effects of a lingeringContinue reading “A life’s work”

If it’s hot it’ll sell

The title for this post comes from a song I heard performed on NPR by a band called Mutts. The title of the song is also the main hook, and it seems like a reasonable enough proposition: People will buy something that’s hot. And the musical Million Dollar Quartet is the hottest thing I’ve seenContinue reading “If it’s hot it’ll sell”

Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis

Having just spent a couple of days in Memphis, I can verify that plate-cleaning is the way to go. I had some tasty barbecue at Corky’s, some amazing fried Chicken at Gus’s on Front Street, and some yummy drunken chicken nachos at Johnny G’s on Beale Street. I think I’d weigh a lot more thanContinue reading “Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis”

The heart of rock and roll

As I’m going to visit Graceland today, the most famous private residence in rock and roll, if not all of America, I’ll be looking for hints of Dewey Phillips. Most people have no idea of who Dewey Phillips was, and I wouldn’t either if I hadn’t seen the Broadway show “Memphis.” Dewey’s life story wasContinue reading “The heart of rock and roll”

Six months!

Tomorrow marks the six month anniversary of my humble blog, which is named for something I bought at a garage sale, and came into being because I didn’t want to crash someone else’s website again. It’s progressing nicely, both in terms of the content I’ve been able to create (mostly by going to the wellContinue reading “Six months!”

Finally on our way out of 2011

There’s an old question that I ask people sometimes: How far can you run into a forest? The answer is only halfway, because after that you’re running out of the forest. Semantic games don’t get any more annoying than that, do they? But a few days ago came the equivalent of that for this thingContinue reading “Finally on our way out of 2011”