Declaring myself McDonald’s-free

  At the beginning of this year, I didn’t intentionally make a resolution about avoiding McDonald’s restaurants. Those type of pledges never work. And yet, a few weeks into January I realized I hadn’t yet gone to any MickeyD’s, and I didn’t miss it, either. After a series of months where I stayed away fromContinue reading “Declaring myself McDonald’s-free”

Month without McDonald’s, part 5

Once again, on the last day of a month where I did not go to a McDonald’s, I’m presenting another one of their signs as a trophy of sorts. Five months without patronizing this business feels positively great. By paying their workers minimum wages, and thus ensuring that many of them will go on publicContinue reading “Month without McDonald’s, part 5”

Month without McDonald’s, part 2

Last month, I commemorated a month without going to a single McDonald’s restaurant by taking a picture of one, on the last day of the month, and posting it here. This is the second month that I’ve avoided the call of the Arches, and here is this month’s trophy. It’s located on North Clark streetContinue reading “Month without McDonald’s, part 2”