The orange sunrise

On my morning commute the other day, I was looking toward the sunrise, waiting to merge into traffic. I was stopped at a red light, fortunately, or I wouldn’t have had the time to get my camera open and take this picture. Filters can allow for any effect at all to be achieved with aContinue reading “The orange sunrise”

An idling bus

Yesterday I came upon a bus, idling away as it was waiting to pick up passengers at a community center suburban Chicago. I walked past the bus, and as I did I felt its large exhaust pipe, spewing warm fumes into the air. I asked myself why the bus was left running, as nobody hadContinue reading “An idling bus”

Having too much fun

I’ve been in the Florida keys on Spring Break, and my blog has been neglected as a result. Life is too enjoyable to take time away for blogging. What does this say about the hundreds of things I’ve posted on my blog through the years? I’m not sure, exactly. Maybe I need to find anotherContinue reading “Having too much fun”

Unspoiled Fall beauty

Last year at this time, Fall was doing its annual thing, but the presence of political campaign signs broke up the scenery a little bit. And next fall, the same thing is sure to happen. Since this is an off year, election-wise, we can enjoy our fall without all of the man-made political stuff muckingContinue reading “Unspoiled Fall beauty”

A gospel for me

The mail doesn’t seem to bring me very much, anymore. There are bills to pay, and an occasional card from a relative, but the idea of opening up my mailbox and finding something interesting seems to belong to another time now. But today was different. An envelope in my mailbox resembled the “plain brown wrapper”Continue reading “A gospel for me”

Waiting for the parade

The view above is one of that I found on a river in Wisconsin. It must be hunting season, as I’ve heard five shots ring out since I’ve started typing this. I’m not a hunter and never will be, so I sought out a riverbank instead, content to watch the water flow by. It sureContinue reading “Waiting for the parade”

Nature in all of its beauty

I came upon this bluff in a state park in Door County, Wisconsin. The first time I came to it, I was content to let the wind blow through my hair, and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Michigan down below. But the second time, two days later with some others I had brought alongContinue reading “Nature in all of its beauty”

At the end of the day

I’ve always appreciated a good sunset. I’ve even written about themĀ in this space. But last night’s offering was perhaps the most spectacular one that I’ve ever seen. It demanded my attention, and so I pulled off the road near a closed cemetery gate and tried to do it justice with my cameraphone. I failed miserably,Continue reading “At the end of the day”

Finally on our way out of 2011

There’s an old question that I ask people sometimes: How far can you run into a forest? The answer is only halfway, because after that you’re running out of the forest. Semantic games don’t get any more annoying than that, do they? But a few days ago came the equivalent of that for this thingContinue reading “Finally on our way out of 2011”