The luminarias burned through the night

Most of the luminarias that we put out on Christmas eve burned out, but this one–and a few others–made it to the dawn of Christmas day. There was something about the serenity of it that demanded a picture and a few words here. It’s a sign of something good, I hope. The end of 2013Continue reading “The luminarias burned through the night”

Lovie’s nine-year tenure

The Chicago Bears missed the playoffs this year, and they reacted the same way that several other NFL franchises did today: they fired their head coach. The bright line between success and failure seems to be making the playoffs, and I suppose that’s fair enough. It’s a binary thing: you either made it to theContinue reading “Lovie’s nine-year tenure”

Something we cannot know

I read about the death of Spencer Cox with great interest today. It’s not because I knew him, or was even remotely familiar with what he had done with his time here on this earth. It turns out that he did some amazing things, helping to get some of the first effective medicines to fightContinue reading “Something we cannot know”

Pink elephants, real and imagined

A couple of days ago, I wrote that the number of countries where my blog has not been viewed is a small number, and that the removal of any nations from that list is a cause for, if not celebration, then at least a sense of wonderment on my part. I’ll never physically travel toContinue reading “Pink elephants, real and imagined”