Dating an old photo

The picture above was referenced in an earlier piece I wrote in this space. But I wanted to return to it once again, to show how the internet has changed things. This is especially true of doing research. What once took days to track down, or just couldn’t be tracked down at all, can nowContinue reading “Dating an old photo”

Backing into a title

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, and was pleased to see it come down to the very last play of the game. And I was even happier that the final play wasn’t a field goal. If anybody could have pulled the game out, it would have been Brady. And I’m sure that Eli Manning isContinue reading “Backing into a title”

What the Super Bowl is to me

After two weeks of hype, the day is finally upon us. It’s time for┬áSuper Bowl XLXXIXCV, or whatever the correct Roman numeral is for this one. They can play them until the end of time–and I’m sure that they will–but for me, and maybe some others in my age group, the Super Bowl conjures upContinue reading “What the Super Bowl is to me”