A billion dollar blunder

The NFL’s owners have decided to use replacement referees this season, instead of ¬†giving the referees what they want, and the results have been nothing short of disastrous. The botched call at the end of the Monday Night game between the Packers and the Seahawks was ridiculous. The Packers got screwed. There’s nothing else toContinue reading “A billion dollar blunder”

What is “Government help” anyway?

I was recently visiting some family near Melbourne, Florida when I came upon the sign pictured above. It was apparently intended to overlap with the Republican convention in Tampa, and its sentiment seems to be a dig at President Obama and the “You didn’t build that” remark. I addressed the willful and misleading interpretation ofContinue reading “What is “Government help” anyway?”

The depths of winter

Today there’s snow on the ground, and the air is cold. It could be worse (at least the cold winds aren’t blowing), ¬†but it’s far from what I want. Winter is a tolerable season, but nothing more than that to me. Football fans love this time of year. Conference championships today, and the Super BowlContinue reading “The depths of winter”

I’m rooting for the NL team, even if it is the Cardinals

At the beginning of every baseball season, whenever somebody is making their predictions about how everything will turn out six months later, you can reliably hear two things: The American League East is a “strong division,” while the National League Central is a “weak division.” Any division with both the Yankees and the Red SoxContinue reading “I’m rooting for the NL team, even if it is the Cardinals”

Why college football is better than the NFL

I watched the Michigan/Notre Dame football game last night at a friend’s house, and I didn’t think it could possibly live up to the hype that preceded it. And boy, was I ever wrong! It was a roller coaster in the fourth quarter, the likes of which I can’t recall ever seeing before. Nothing theContinue reading “Why college football is better than the NFL”