All this could be such a dream

Nothing like quoting from an old Night Ranger song to start a post, is there? I actually like their song “Goodbye” because it has a wistful, reminiscent air about it. Which is just how I feel about Mark Prior and the Chicago Cubs. It’s now been a decade since he pitched the Cubs to theContinue reading “All this could be such a dream”

Re-imagining the 80s

Last night I accompanied my daughters and a friend of theirs to a concert by a band called Big Time Rush. The show seemed to be fun for them, but as I went to the top of the lawn, looking for as much solitude as I could find in a sea of screaming young girls,Continue reading “Re-imagining the 80s”

I know this much is true

At the end of a long day at work today, I faced the prospect of a long commute to get home. It always seems like getting to work takes 15 minutes in the morning, and getting home takes an hour in the evening. Some of that is psychological–does anybody look forward to work more thanContinue reading “I know this much is true”

Boycotts and mullets

It could very well be that nobody else would ever think to write about a topic like this, and I’m fine with that. But I’m having fun with this, and if coming to this space is fun for you, too, then come on along. This post will be over soon enough, one way or theContinue reading “Boycotts and mullets”