The travelling lefties

A number of years ago, when I was travelling by airplane more often than I am now, a bag like the one pictured above just wasn’t seen in airports. The four-wheeled travel bag seems to be a newer thing, and you can call me a curmudgeon but I don’t like them. Last night, I decidedContinue reading “The travelling lefties”

Link to a post on ChicagoSideSports

The idea of moving the Cubs into the shadow of O’Hare Airport just had to be responded to somehow. Anyone who lives in Chicago knows why this plan won’t work, but not everyone lives here, either. Imagine that you have a really loud neighbor that you can’t do anything about. That’s what would happen toContinue reading “Link to a post on ChicagoSideSports”

Home, home again

Wednesday evening, O’Hare Airport The plane touched down a few minutes early and the plane de-boarding began as usual. The terminals at O’Hare seem excessively long, especially late at night when the bustle has ended for the day. But there are bags that must be claimed, and a cab that must be hired before theContinue reading “Home, home again”

A bit of Tumblr in the real world

I haven’t used Tumblr too much, but it seems to have lots of possibilities. Not every place on the web allows you to share things to it with a click (are you listening, WordPress?), but going to your own dashboard and adding a link, or a picture, or anything else you want isn’t too difficult.Continue reading “A bit of Tumblr in the real world”

Old-time corruption in Chicago

The man pictured here is 86 years old. Many people don’t even get to live eighty-six years (only one of my grandparents did), and the ones that do should count themselves lucky. But–and I’m sorry if you or a loved one is 86 years old–there are just some things that 86 year-olds can’t do. AndContinue reading “Old-time corruption in Chicago”