Winter dies on Opening Day

This has been the worst winter I can remember. We’ve had snow, cold, ice, more snow, ┬ámore cold, and still even more snow. Some days it felt like it was never going to go away. Spring officially started a few days ago, but today was the first day that it really felt like spring. AndContinue reading “Winter dies on Opening Day”

Baseball season is almost here #Cubs #WrigleyField

Sometimes I can’t help myself. My daughter goes to school not far from Wrigley Field, and she skates at the ice rink that’s just a mile or so from the ballpark. Sometimes after she’s dropped off, I go a few blocks out of my way, and soon enough I find myself at Clark and AddisonContinue reading “Baseball season is almost here #Cubs #WrigleyField”

Fun times at Wrigley Field

This year is the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, since it was opened for the Chicago Federal League team (called the “Chi-Feds” and then the Whales) in 1914. To celebrate this, the Cubs have planned special promotions throughout the season, and have put up the numbers 1914 on the left of the Clark Street marquee,Continue reading “Fun times at Wrigley Field”

Link to an old memory

Twenty years is a long time, no matter how you slice it. Twenty years ago I had no kids, no house, no car, and I was still in graduate school, getting a Masters degree in the hopes of becoming a teacher. So the guy who went to the baseball game described in this post bearsContinue reading “Link to an old memory”

On the radio

Today was a new experience for me. I spent the week brushing up on the rest of the National League’s Central division–since I could already talk about the Cubs in my sleep–and I went on the radio this morning to discuss the division with Steve Bortstein of Fox Sports radio in New Mexico. Thanks toContinue reading “On the radio”

Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

I don’t have any intention of writing about all, or even very many, of the Cubs’ games this season. But if Opening Day doesn’t get the writing juices flowing, I’m not sure what else will. I’m a baseball fan, and always will be. I write about the game for exactly that reason. It intrigues me,Continue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

Waiting on Opening Day

A few things are going on in the sports world over the coming two months: the Super Bowl next weekend, the NHL trying to fit something resembling a season in, and the NCAA final four. And of course, Spring training will also get going in a few weeks’ time. The Cubs will open their seasonContinue reading “Waiting on Opening Day”

A fleeting Cub’s story

It’s Opening Day, 1973 at Wrigley Field. Baseball has returned from a long winter’s nap, but it’s still in a daze. During the offseason, one of its brightest stars, Roberto Clemente, was lost in a plane crash in Puerto Rico. The Pirates came within three outs of the 1972 World Series, but that seems lessContinue reading “A fleeting Cub’s story”

Quarterly report #3

When I wrote my last quarterly report back in December of 2011, I pointed out that the end of this quarter comes right before the start of the baseball season. I’m a baseball guy at heart, and have been since I was a little kid, so the thought of baseball season starting up again helpedContinue reading “Quarterly report #3”