A victory for weirdness

I’m very glad that Birdman won the Oscar for best picture tonight. The director admitted it was a crazy idea, but somehow the film got made. I’ve never seen a movie quite like it, and this award will hopefully inspire more people in the movie business to follow their weird ideas until they make itContinue reading “A victory for weirdness”

Rob Chill Manana

On Oscar night a couple of years ago, I put some of the winner’s names into an online anagram maker. And this year, I found myself sitting at the computer on Oscar night. Just for fun, I typed in the name “Abraham Lincoln” not because he was nominated, but because there had just been aContinue reading “Rob Chill Manana”

A bridge too far (with update)

The Onion is not for everyone. And that’s one of the reasons I have been a fan of theirs for so long. They push the envelope, and say the things that nobody else will. I never laugh harder at things than I do at the Onion. But tonight was different. As they were tweeting duringContinue reading “A bridge too far (with update)”

Chicago and baseball in the movies

From Ferris Bueller catching a foul ball on the North side, to Julia Roberts serving drinks on the South side, Chicago and baseball seem to go together in the movies. And why not? Baseball in this town pre-dates the movies, and the city that can be all things to all people on-screen can surely putContinue reading “Chicago and baseball in the movies”