What’s up, Uzbekistan?

I’ve mentioned before that the global reach of this blog is astonishing. It’s to the point now where about two dozen nations, most of them in Africa, are the only places left where my blog has not yet been seen. And today was the first time that someone in Uzbekistan found their way to BlueBattingHelmet.Continue reading “What’s up, Uzbekistan?”

Add another country to the list

I started writing this blog for fun, just a little bit more than eighteen months ago. And one of the ways that it’s fun wasn’t yet apparent back in 2011. In fact, it didn’t become clear to me until WordPress began offering information about the location of the visitors to this site, exactly ten monthsContinue reading “Add another country to the list”

The modern Great Wall

I’ve written before about how interesting it is to see where the page views for this blog are coming from. WordPress began breaking down page views by country of origin last February, and since that time, something that I created has found its way into 150 different nations around the world. The majority of theseContinue reading “The modern Great Wall”

Another Beat Day

It’s nearing the end of the month, and one of the internal races that I have with myself has to do with month-to-month traffic for this blog. Page views are recorded by the day, week, and month, and every month I try to beat what I did the previous month. I call the day thisContinue reading “Another Beat Day”

The Eddie Van Halen effect

Today was the first day where my blog counter has settled back to its normal level. That could mean 20 page views a day, and it could mean 2,000. But in truth, it’s somewhere in between. And unless somebody gives me an ice cream cone when the page views reach a certain level, the numberContinue reading “The Eddie Van Halen effect”