Win Win

It’s a beautiful fall day as I sit down to type out a few words on my smartphone. Blogging gives me a chance to spend a few minutes getting thoughts down, before the moment changes and the feelings are lost. and this is a moment that I want to preserve in some manner. The arrivalContinue reading “Win Win”

Back to Baker Street

I had a dentist’s appointment tonight, and when I went into the room to sit in the chair, I heard the familiar saxophone line of Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street. It’s as recognizable as any hook that’s ever been recorded, and I enjoyed hearing it again. But it also took me back to the last timeContinue reading “Back to Baker Street”

Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball

Last night, as baseball’s All-Star game was going on, I found myself returning to the subject of Pete Rose. A comment that was made by announcer Tim McCarver, about incident involving Rose in an All-Star game from 1970, got my dander up. I turned to writing, as I often do, as a way of sortingContinue reading “Link to a post on ThroughTheFenceBaseball”

Submitted for the Cubs’ consideration

Dear Chicago Cubs, I welcome the news that you will be turning away from random celebrities, in favor of giving the seventh-inning stretch more of a Chicago feel. To honor your decision, I want to kick off a campaign to secure myself an invite for one of the celebrity-vacated spots, for the 2013 season or wheneverContinue reading “Submitted for the Cubs’ consideration”

Kate Upton and me (sort of)

Trending on Yahoo is something that I have never done before the last couple of days. And, truthfully, I wasn’t trending at all. The “Pete Rose erased” story, which grew out of this piece for ChicagoSideSports and in the Chicago Sun-Times, was doing the trending. But I started it all off, and if that storyContinue reading “Kate Upton and me (sort of)”

My 15 minutes

What an interesting day this has been. A month ago, on January 13, I speculated that the first “double 13” of the year was an ominous thing, and there were still eleven more of them to go. Well, today was the second “double 13” of the year (and in our lifetimes), and I won’t soonContinue reading “My 15 minutes”

Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece

I wrote this piece last night, and coined the term “#KickAstros” to describe the Cubs potentially sweeping the Houston Astros in the final three games of the season. It’s ironic that all year I’ve talked about the Double Triple concept that I created a year ago, and now, just when people are starting to makeContinue reading “Link to a ThroughTheFenceBaseball piece”

The burgers taste better when you win

That bit of wisdom in the title was imparted to me by Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader in major league history. He would know about this, because he also played in more winning ballgames than any other baseball player. And since baseball games have been played for well over a century, that means a lot. OverContinue reading “The burgers taste better when you win”

Getting autographs

Thanks to reader Jeff, who indicated that he wanted to hear something about Billy Williams. As a White Sox fan, I doubt he wants one of the Cubs mini helmets I referenced in an earlier post. But I’ll send some Sox-related swag his way, instead. When I was a kid, I had no problems asking baseballContinue reading “Getting autographs”

And the first shall be first

When each of us was in school, we all learned pretty quickly where we fell in the alphabetical listing of students in the class. Teachers had us listed that way in their grade books, and whenever the roll call was made, we knew if we would be called near the front, in the middle, orContinue reading “And the first shall be first”