Presidents Day wasn’t the same this year




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Presidents Day was earlier this week, and I know the idea is to celebrate Lincoln, Washington, and all the other presidents, but it didn’t feel right this year. Having a president to repulses me in so many ways will lead to that.

So in the few moments that I have for writing, I’m posting some images of President Obama, including a few I photographed back in 2009 but haven’t used here before. Here’s hoping this new one isn’t around long enough to do any serious damage, but it isn’t looking promising so far.



Lincoln 101

Although he died a century before I was born, Abraham Lincoln has been a big part of my life, and I’ve written about him on many occasions before. On the occasion of Presidents Day, I humbly offer the following:


For an explanation of how Lincoln came to be my middle name, click here.


For a time that I once dressed as Lincoln for a costume party. click here.


For a review of Lincoln statues in Chicago, click here and here and here.

GraceFor Lincoln statues in other places, click here.

Lincoln posterFor random Lincoln sightings, click here and here and here.

There are many more pieces like that on this site, but these are just a few to get things started. Happy Presidents Day to everyone.