The power of making the playoffs

Once you get into the postseason, anything can happen. If you don’t believe that, you weren’t paying attention to the St. Louis Cardinals this year. They made it in with a single game to spare, thanks to the wild card format and the collapse of the Atlanta Braves, and then kept on fighting until theContinue reading “The power of making the playoffs”

Get ready for a huge number

At the start of this season, when it became clear that Albert Pujols and the Cardinals were not going to agree on a contract before the season, the thought of number 5 in a contract year was absolutely horrifying. The best player of his generation–and maybe of any generation–trying to put up numbers to show whatContinue reading “Get ready for a huge number”

So it’s the small market to the north against the small market to the south

The Cardinals and the Brewers both play in the National League Central, and next week they’ll be playing each other for a spot in the World Series. I’ll watch the games, of course, but they will only remind me–and any other baseball fan who cares to notice–how dismally the Cubs have failed as a franchise.Continue reading “So it’s the small market to the north against the small market to the south”

Process of elimination

On the last night of the regular season, which seems like much longer than eight days ago, we were treated to a sensational night of memorable moments. Perhaps I’m being greedy, but the next thirty-six hours could give us even more moments like this, because three teams will see their seasons end, one way orContinue reading “Process of elimination”