What we need in these difficult times

As 2020 has evolved into the most chaotic and divisive year I’ve ever seen, I have often seen it compared to 1968, the year I was born. In fact, I was born just over a week after Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Los Angeles. Only two months before, he had delivered theContinue reading “What we need in these difficult times”

An inglorious ending

Dateline: June 7, 1968. One week before the author of this post was born. The country is reeling from the shocking assassination of New York Senator and potential Democratic presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy, who had died the day before. By some strange and spectral coincidence, the Baltimore Orioles used their first pick in theContinue reading “An inglorious ending”

I couldn’t say it any better

As I used to tell my students when I was a classroom teacher, I was in my mother’s womb when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Robert Kennedy was in Indianapolis when he got word of the shooting. He made a plea for calm, in the wake of the terrible news. Two monthsContinue reading “I couldn’t say it any better”