Bringing 62 back

When I was a kid, Roger Maris’ 61 home runs in a single season seemed like an unbreakable record. Even getting to 50 was nearly unheard of, and nobody even came close to 61 until the mid 1990s. But then Ken Griffey Jr. came close a couple of times, and Mark McGwire seemed to threatenContinue reading “Bringing 62 back”

On fire this month

This post is the 57th that I’ve written for this blog in January of 2013. And there’s still a few days left in the month, so I feel like I’m chasing Babe Ruth or Roger Maris or whoever those steroid era guys were. I know their names, actually, but I’m just trying to throw aContinue reading “On fire this month”

Paris, not horrible at all

When I was young, maybe in the first or second grade, there was a schoolyard chant that was directed at me. Kids being kids, the chant wasn’t very kind. It went like this: Horrible Harris Went to Paris To go see Roger Maris To a seven year-old kid, who didn’t know anything about Paris, orContinue reading “Paris, not horrible at all”