Baseball season is almost here #Cubs #WrigleyField

Sometimes I can’t help myself. My daughter goes to school not far from Wrigley Field, and she skates at the ice rink that’s just a mile or so from the ballpark. Sometimes after she’s dropped off, I go a few blocks out of my way, and soon enough I find myself at Clark and AddisonContinue reading “Baseball season is almost here #Cubs #WrigleyField”

Change, nothing stays the same

As I indicated in a post from yesterday, I was able to get to Wrigley Field today and confirm that the ivy has indeed turned red. We have achieved the state of RIO (Red Ivy in October), just in time for the end of the World Series. I wish I had a picture, but asContinue reading “Change, nothing stays the same”

Two very different days in Chicago

Yesterday was another one of a string of glorious days we’ve had in Chicago. Even though the calendar reads October, the sunshine and the warm weather made it feel like June. But without any baseball, of course. A baseball-free October seems to be the default position for my team and that other one that playsContinue reading “Two very different days in Chicago”