A theatrical riff on the Cubs and their curse

From Bleacher Bums to Rookie of the Year, and from “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request” to “Go All the Way,” the Chicago Cubs inspire art like no other team in baseball, and perhaps all of professional sports. Tonight I got still another example of this, in the form of an unexpected but completely funnyContinue reading “A theatrical riff on the Cubs and their curse”

Chicago and baseball in the movies

From Ferris Bueller catching a foul ball on the North side, to Julia Roberts serving drinks on the South side, Chicago and baseball seem to go together in the movies. And why not? Baseball in this town pre-dates the movies, and the city that can be all things to all people on-screen can surely putContinue reading “Chicago and baseball in the movies”

Maybe I’m in there somewhere

One day last summer, I was changing channels on the television when my kids were in the room. I’m not sure why the television was on, but I’m guessing that what I wanted to watch and what they wanted to watch had no relationship to each other. But I had the remote in hand, andContinue reading “Maybe I’m in there somewhere”