Taking John Brown from coast to coast

April of 2015 was the first time that I went to both coasts in the same month. The beginning of the month was Spring Break, and a week in Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, and points in between. We ended our trip in San Francisco, and that’s where this story picks up. City Lights BookstoreContinue reading “Taking John Brown from coast to coast”

View from a cable car

The cable cars in San Francisco are a singular experience in a singular city. I loved the days that I spent here, and I’m sad to be leaving now for the flat city that I call home. I’m a Chicago guy, but the experiences I’ve had here will stay with me forever. I understand theContinue reading “View from a cable car”

Thank you, #Batkid

I’ve not written anything here in a couple of days, not because I’m out of things to say, but because sleep feels pretty good sometimes. I’m also quite confident that I’ll never run out of things to say. The story of #SFBatkid makes me feel good inside. It was certainly a day that a littleContinue reading “Thank you, #Batkid”