The Dodgers take the plunge

The pool in the Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix has always intrigued me on some level. There’s going to a game, and going to the pool, but the lines between them seem pretty clear to me. But when you live in the desert, I guess a pool is a nice thing to have. But theContinue reading “The Dodgers take the plunge”

Who’s down with OHB?

Back in the days of the George W. Bush presidency, there was this term called “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” A right winger made it up, and it was a mocking sort of a term applied to people–like me–who saw what a disaster W was in the White House. And now, eight years later, the shoe isContinue reading “Who’s down with OHB?”

Whatever it takes

I read an article online today about an interesting possibility that I had not considered. The article is here, but basically the idea is that if the Cubs hired Walt Jocketty, the former General Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, he would in turn hire Tony LaRussa, who would convince Albert Pujols to sign asContinue reading “Whatever it takes”