So it’s come to this

I wrote an earlier post about how I had no NCAA brackets to consult this year. The Final Four has now been set, and there are no VCU-type cinderella stories this year. Louisville, Kansas and Kentucky are among the entrenched elite of college basketball, and even the team that wears scarlet and gray has hadContinue reading “So it’s come to this”

Excitement? Really?

I saw a story at today titled “Excitement Building for BCS Title Game” and had to make a comment. If you’re reading this and you’re excited about the game, that’s fine. I don’t want to rain on your parade in any way. But if you’re scratching your head, wondering what excitement they’re talking about,Continue reading “Excitement? Really?”

The feel-good story that led to a scam

The State of Illinois, in an attempt to raise a few extra dollars in revenue, allows vehicle owners to show their allegiance to a college or university. For a small fee (of which I’m sure each school gets a cut), motorists can go beyond just having a window sticker, or a license plate frame, andContinue reading “The feel-good story that led to a scam”

It’s a tribal thing

The first night of the Big Ten-ACC Challenge was yesterday, and the made-for-ESPN event will wrap up this evening. The Big Ten is off to a 4-2 lead so far, and has to win at least two of tonight’s games to claim victory for the season. And a tie goes to the Big Ten, sinceContinue reading “It’s a tribal thing”