Springfield as Mecca

Something I’ve never considered before is the Muslim practice of facing toward Mecca to pray. I know it’s their faith, and far be it from me to wander into an area I don’t have any knowledge about. But five times a day is enough to make the point that Mecca is very important for Muslims.Continue reading “Springfield as Mecca”

Pink elephants, real and imagined

A couple of days ago, I wrote that the number of countries where my blog has not been viewed is a small number, and that the removal of any nations from that list is a cause for, if not celebration, then at least a sense of wonderment on my part. I’ll never physically travel toContinue reading “Pink elephants, real and imagined”

An experiment you can eat

My hometown of Springfield, Illinois is known for a few things besides Abraham Lincoln. It’s about the only place in the world where you can get a horseshoe sandwich, which is basically bread and meat and french fries and cheese sauce. ┬áIt’s also home to a restaurant, the Cozy Dog Inn, that claims to haveContinue reading “An experiment you can eat”