They only look minty

As I drove past a bagel shop this St. Patrick’s Day, painfully aware that I had nothing on that resembled green in any way, I wondered if green bagels were a thing. I learned, much to my surprise, that not only were they available, but that green cream cheese could also be procured. Hopefully we’llContinue reading “They only look minty”

Green pants and marriage

Yesterday was the day that Chicago celebrated St. Patrick’s day by dyeing the river green and having a parade. Not so very long ago, the parade was held on March 17 (the actual feast day of St. Patrick), regardless of whatever day of the week it actually fell on. But holding it on a weekendContinue reading “Green pants and marriage”

A stereotype that won’t die

As an American, there are many ethnicities that I can call my own. But with names like Sullivan and Higgins in my family history, I’ve always thought of myself as half-Irish. For many years, I considered drinking to excess as a way of “honoring my Irish ancestors.” I laughed along with everyone else at theContinue reading “A stereotype that won’t die”