Got a condo made a’ stona

If comedy were like baseball–and perhaps it is, in some ways–its Babe Ruth is named Steve Martin. Watching him on the 40-year special for Saturday Night Live last night transported me back to the days of King Tut and the Festrunk Brothers and the “Wild and Crazy Guy” shtick. Carlin and Pryor and many othersContinue reading “Got a condo made a’ stona”

47% Obama, 47% Romney, 100% Worthless

A poll released this morning for the presidential election ┬áin November shows that President Obama and Governor Romney are tied at 47%. And it’s a ridiculous waste of time to give this poll any notice, much less to write anything about it. So here goes. Presidential elections aren’t decided by the popular vote. 47% ofContinue reading “47% Obama, 47% Romney, 100% Worthless”