A gathering of angels

Music hasn’t changed very much for me over the past 20 years or so. Notwithstanding my children playing hit music stations in the car all the time, if a song or an artist didn’t enter my consciousness between 1978 and about 1993, they aren’t getting in at all. This is why 80s music always strikesContinue reading “A gathering of angels”

Appreciating American music

As I was returning home from a long and most enjoyable vacation today, I commenced the battle of finding something on the radio. I wrote about this once before, and it makes me appreciate the concept of satellite radio. You pick a station you like, and never have to worry about whether it comes inContinue reading “Appreciating American music”

Takin’ care of business is his name

I heard an interesting combination of songs on the radio yesterday. Songs, in and of themselves, can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Either they’re played in sequence on an album, and if you’ve listened to the album enough, you know what to expect when that song is over. On the first Van HalenContinue reading “Takin’ care of business is his name”