Watching the sunrise

“Another day is here, and I’m alive to see it,” I told myself this morning as my dog and I watched the sun come up on a beach in Evanston, Illinois. May all of us enjoy the day, both for ourselves and for the people who weren’t lucky enough to be here to greet it.

The best shot was the one I didn’t see coming

On Sunday morning, I got up early and drove my younger daughter to her synchronized skating practice. Upon dropping her off, I realized that the sun would be coming up shortly, and I decided to greet it as it did. The sunrise was a dazzling display of clouds and light and water and sky. TheContinue reading “The best shot was the one I didn’t see coming”

Well it’s Christmas eve

After driving through freezing rain in Missouri and Oklahoma, and then crossing the Texas panhandle and the desert terrain in New Mexico, I get to spend the holiday in a moderately warm clime. It’s below zero back home in Chicago, so I’m grateful to be in a place that’s snowy but not bitterly cold. TheContinue reading “Well it’s Christmas eve”

Sunrises are nice, too

One of the recurring themes of this blog has been the beauty of a sunset. I could find several posts where sunsets were described, and possibly a picture was added for emphasis. The colors that the sky turns–particularly when clouds are involved–is really quite remarkable. But today I had the opposite experience. I was onContinue reading “Sunrises are nice, too”

A booyah day

Today started off with some of the best things I know: A hot cup of coffee, an old classic on the radio (Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” if it matters), and a brilliant sunrise that defies an easy description. I thought of it as Daybreak over Chicago, and it was beyond beautiful. My little one wasContinue reading “A booyah day”

Lincoln at sunrise

I’ve written about Lincoln several times before in this space. Some of the posts are here and here and here. There are many things about human nature that disappoint me, or worse, but our enduring interest in this boy from the Kentucky backwoods always makes up for them, at least in my mind. This morningContinue reading “Lincoln at sunrise”