Beauty with a side of thought

Last night, I was watching my older daughter’s play at an outdoor venue in the suburbs. The previous two shows had been cancelled because of rain (such are the perils of outdoor performance), and it looked questionable whether last night’s show would meet with the same fate. But the huge puffy clouds in the skyContinue reading “Beauty with a side of thought”

At the end of the day

I often go on about Chicago in this space. It’s home, and where I spend most of my days, so it feels like a natural subject to write about. The problems that this city has are very well-known by now: Violence, shootings, segregation, parking meters, to name just a few. But one of the thingsContinue reading “At the end of the day”

At the end of the day

I’ve always appreciated a good sunset. I’ve even written about themĀ in this space. But last night’s offering was perhaps the most spectacular one that I’ve ever seen. It demanded my attention, and so I pulled off the road near a closed cemetery gate and tried to do it justice with my cameraphone. I failed miserably,Continue reading “At the end of the day”

There goes the sun

Saturday evening, Cocoa Beach, Florida We pulled into a restaurant off of AIA, and just outside the local Air Force base. There was a nice outdoor area, along the water with a pier extending about 50 yards out. The catfish were thick in the water, since everyone tosses their bread and french fries and otherContinue reading “There goes the sun”

Rockin’ the sunset

It’s been three weeks since my vacation on Cape Cod ended. I had a great time, and was inspired to do a lot of writing in the time I was there. Before now, I haven’t tried to write about some of the things I wanted to say when I was there, because I either didn’tContinue reading “Rockin’ the sunset”