After the purple sunset

October 5 seems like such a long time ago. On that date, I had high hopes for Northwestern’s football team, which was unbeaten and ranked in the national polls. I had written an exuberant piece for Five Wide Sports a few days earlier, about how it wasn’t 1989 anymore for the two sports teams IContinue reading “After the purple sunset”

The fall of day

The title for this post comes from a drawing by William Rimmer. It was the inspiration for the Swan Song Records logo, and was the sort of thing that I read about once and never forgot. It’s funny what sticks with you and what doesn’t. As I get older, my appreciation for sunsets gets everContinue reading “The fall of day”

With fresh curiosity

I picked this book up recently at a book exchange in Chicago. In a case of judging a book by its cover, I decided that something this psychedelic deserved to be seen by anyone who would be interested. It’s a magenta background, with the word “Diaries” written in a green and a yellow font, andContinue reading “With fresh curiosity”