Having too much fun

I’ve been in the Florida keys on Spring Break, and my blog has been neglected as a result. Life is too enjoyable to take time away for blogging. What does this say about the hundreds of things I’ve posted on my blog through the years? I’m not sure, exactly. Maybe I need to find anotherContinue reading “Having too much fun”

Same stuff, different theme

For the first thirteen months that I wrote something in this space, I used a WordPress theme called MLB Retro. But as baseball began to occupy less and less of my thoughts–or at least the ones that I wanted to write about– a change seemed to be in order. And so here it is. TheContinue reading “Same stuff, different theme”

Waiting on a sunny day

There are some days where everything looks great. The sun is shining, the road is unobstructed, and everything seems to stretch itself out before you. But yesterday wasn’t one of those days. The weather sucked, there were potholes and ice everywhere, and every step seemed treacherous. And yet there was a journey that had to be made.  Along the way, IContinue reading “Waiting on a sunny day”

Sing about the good things, and the Sun that lights the day

There isn’t anything more essential to life here on earth than the sun. It provides light, and warmth, and without it we would all cease to exist. The sun is reliable, too (think of that song from “Annie”: The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…), so much so that we take it for granted, the way weContinue reading “Sing about the good things, and the Sun that lights the day”