The political lesson of Super Bowl 47

Seven years feels like a long time ago, in some ways. For example, my newly 21 year-old daughter was still in elementary school early in 2013. So much has come and gone in her life (and in all our lives) that it’s sometimes hard to remember what happened, much less learn any lessons from thoseContinue reading “The political lesson of Super Bowl 47”

Drinking, from XXI to XLIV

It’s Super Bowl Sunday today, and once again I have no interest in the game or who wins it. The NFL hasn’t mattered to me in twenty years and yet, with the Super Bowl being the event that it is, I wouldn’t dare miss it, either. From the first Super Bowl of my college years,Continue reading “Drinking, from XXI to XLIV”

Waiting on Opening Day

A few things are going on in the sports world over the coming two months: the Super Bowl next weekend, the NHL trying to fit something resembling a season in, and the NCAA final four. And of course, Spring training will also get going in a few weeks’ time. The Cubs will open their seasonContinue reading “Waiting on Opening Day”

What the Super Bowl is to me

After two weeks of hype, the day is finally upon us. It’s time for┬áSuper Bowl XLXXIXCV, or whatever the correct Roman numeral is for this one. They can play them until the end of time–and I’m sure that they will–but for me, and maybe some others in my age group, the Super Bowl conjures upContinue reading “What the Super Bowl is to me”