Hanu-Cubs, Night 2

As with last night, and every night during this festival of Jewish Cubs players, the shamash is the vocal stylings of the late Steve Goodman (with some help from others this time): Last night’s honoree, the late Dave Roberts, is profiled here. Tonight I’ll be discussing Sam Fuld, who was drafted by the Cubs andContinue reading “Hanu-Cubs, Night 2”

Goin’ to the Show

Bull Durham is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve written about it here. I had never heard the majors referred to as “The Show” before the movie came out, but ever since I saw it, the majors are now “The Show.” MLB itself has licensed the term to Sony, and they have used itContinue reading “Goin’ to the Show”

The Cubs got fleeced

At the end of the 2010 season, the Tampa Bay Rays brought young Jeremy Hellickson up from the minors, and he went 4-0 as a result. The Rays correctly decided they had something there, and so they traded one of their higher-priced starters–Matt Garza–to the Cubs. Garza was due to make just under $6 millionContinue reading “The Cubs got fleeced”