I should be so lucky

I’ve written about estate sales before in this space. No only are they a chance to peer into someone else’s life, just after the fact, but it’s also a chance to pick up things. Not new things, because that’s what Target is for (and they didn’t pay me to add that link, either. I didContinue reading “I should be so lucky”

How do you spell it, anyway?

The other day, I wrote a post referencing the start of the eight-day celebration that is observed by those of the Jewish faith. It was suggested to me that my spelling of the holiday–Hanukka–was incorrect. Since the word is a phonetic spelling of a word that doesn’t come from English (and what word does, really?),Continue reading “How do you spell it, anyway?”

Game ready

I remember the first time I ever saw a microwave oven. It was about 1978, and my dad’s college roommate who lived in Tennessee had one. He showed my dad how to make an egg in it, which maybe took 30 seconds, and my dad was sold on the concept. As soon as we gotContinue reading “Game ready”