Tarzan didn’t like it out west

“Tarzan” Joe Wallis played for the Cubs at exactly the right time. He was a September call-up at the end of the 1975 season, when I had my first brush with the ivy and the day games at Wrigley Field. Then he played regularly during the 1976 season, which was my first full season asContinue reading “Tarzan didn’t like it out west”

Madlock took it away

1976 was the first full year that I considered myself a Cubs fan. Watching the games on WGN every afternoon was something of an elixir for the eight-year old that I was at the time. The games were always in the sunshine at Wrigley Field, and the away games must have happened, but they wereContinue reading “Madlock took it away”

Tarzan’s rookie card

I have already written about Jim Hendry’s ouster here, and I am excited that a new course for the Cubs will be charted soon. There’s no way that Mike Quade can survive, since the new GM will want to put “his people” in place. Does Quade finish out the season? Probably, but I think heContinue reading “Tarzan’s rookie card”