Words of wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the past year or so, I’ve been picking up a volume of Emerson’s writings when I can, looking for pearls of wisdom. And I think I found one today, when I came across the following words: To the extent that a man thinks, he is free I don’t see much independent thought in ourContinue reading “Words of wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Links to my childhood lost

I watched a lot of TV as a child. Too much, it now seems to me. But what’s done is done, and for better or for worse, it was the dominant medium of my youth. Two of my very favorite shows in those days were Gilligan’s Island and The Partridge Family. And two of theContinue reading “Links to my childhood lost”

Four years and a lifetime ago

I remember it well, that New Year’s day in 2010, when Northwestern played the Auburn Tigers in the Outback Bowl. It was the first bowl game of the day, and I was ready for it with a mountain of alcohol. It was rare for me to start drinking before noon, but this was a bigContinue reading “Four years and a lifetime ago”

The radio is enough

The BCS title game is about to kick off in Miami, and I’m hoping for a competitive game. But the truth is, I won’t be watching it. My cable package doesn’t include ESPN, so I can’t watch it at home. I would feel strange nursing a Diet Coke in a bar, since I’ve committed myselfContinue reading “The radio is enough”

Angus speaks the truth

I was raised on television. Every night that I can remember in my youth, we ate dinner together and then settled in for three hours of watching television. I could tell which day of the week it was by what television shows were on. It was free entertainment, provided nightly by the three networks and,Continue reading “Angus speaks the truth”

Back to the 80s, briefly

Tonight I had a few moments on my hands. The house was empty, and I had to get some laundry folded before the family would come home with all of their usual distractions. So I brought the laundry basket upstairs and turned on the TV, but not for the reason you might think. Television hasContinue reading “Back to the 80s, briefly”

Rockin’ the sunset

It’s been three weeks since my vacation on Cape Cod ended. I had a great time, and was inspired to do a lot of writing in the time I was there. Before now, I haven’t tried to write about some of the things I wanted to say when I was there, because I either didn’tContinue reading “Rockin’ the sunset”

A TV would only muck this up

My house was built in the late 1920s. It’s a classic old brick bungalow, and I wouldn’t want to live in anything else. Hopefully that’s how all people feel about their home, because life is too short and too cruel to live in the kind of a place that you don’t like. Like just aboutContinue reading “A TV would only muck this up”