In the holiday spirit

I have to admit that the encroachment of the holiday shopping season on the Thanksgiving holiday was making me mad. I understand that retailers need big sales for their yearly results, but have some respect, will ya? But the day after Thanksgiving, I ventured into downtown Chicago, not to buy anything, but to see ifContinue reading “In the holiday spirit”

Sorry, retailers

I know you had plans for me today. You opened your stores and offered deals and expected me to come. Instead of giving thanks, I was supposed to be giving you my money. That’s the American way anymore, isn’t it? But I wasn’t going out today. And I’m not venturing out into the Black FridayContinue reading “Sorry, retailers”

A Thanksgiving geography lesson

Thanksgiving was lovely yesterday. It was filled with family, and food, and the weather was so good that we were able to get out to the lakefront for a Turkey Day run. I revived my Holder of All Stuff role from a few days ago, and everyone had a good time. I didn’t have theContinue reading “A Thanksgiving geography lesson”