Teach them how to say goodbye

  While the COVID-19 disaster grinds on, with no real ending in sight, everything seems to be getting harder. Although there’s been lots of songs written in the past about Hard Times, none of them could ever foresee the world we’re in right now. 33 million Americans have now applied for unemployment benefits, and theContinue reading “Teach them how to say goodbye”

A eulogy for Brandt

As a member of the Dudeist clergy–the only such group I would ever belong to–I feel a need to say a few words on behalf of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who so brilliantly played the part of Lebowski’s manservant, Brandt. I have been fortunate enough to never get mixed up with heroin. And even though HoffmanContinue reading “A eulogy for Brandt”

My ordination day

Today I discovered a website dedicated to making the Dude into a religious figure. And ┬áturning a buck, of course, but that’s to be expected. The website offered me, and anyone else who wants to take the time to enter their name and today’s date, the chance to become an ordained “Dudeist Priest.” Here’s theContinue reading “My ordination day”

My first meme

Internet memes are a new take on an old idea. Start with an instantly recognizable image (an icon, if you want to use that term) and add text that makes it funny or interesting in some way. The old “Kilroy was here” would be an example. If you drew Kilroy’s gaze with his nose hangingContinue reading “My first meme”