The season’s winding down

On Sunday the baseball season officially comes to an end. It’s been over for the Cubs since sometime in May, probably, but at least come Sunday the lights will go out on yet another losing season. I plan to watch the playoffs, and I’ve adopted the Dodgers as my team after they angered John McCainContinue reading “The season’s winding down”

A cross post at Through the Fence Baseball

Over the last few months, some of my writing has appeared at Through The Fence Baseball. A piece that I wrote today is here, for example. As with writing this blog, it’s all about putting down my thoughts and letting them loose into the wider world. I’m sometimes torn between what to put on myContinue reading “A cross post at Through the Fence Baseball”

Quarterly report #3

When I wrote my last quarterly report back in December of 2011, I pointed out that the end of this quarter comes right before the start of the baseball season. I’m a baseball guy at heart, and have been since I was a little kid, so the thought of baseball season starting up again helpedContinue reading “Quarterly report #3”