Titanic’s final victim

Last weekend, my youngest daughter and I walked to the local branch of the public library. It was a good bit of exercise, and we had some books that we needed to return. We decided to look around for a book to read, and both of us liked the look of a new one calledContinue reading “Titanic’s final victim”

A disaster at sea

The terrible news that a cruise ship struck a rock and sank in the Mediterranean is gut-wrenching. We want to believe that something like this modern-day Titanic can’t happen anymore. Technology and communications have advanced to the point where boats don’t sink and planes don’t crash and people can travel from one place to anotherContinue reading “A disaster at sea”

Who says baseball is in trouble?

The World Series that just concluded last night has demonstrated that baseball is alive and well. And if anybody wants to point to television ratings as an indication of anything, I’ll simply say this: Baseball was around before anyone knew what television was, and it will still be around after nobody can remember what televisionContinue reading “Who says baseball is in trouble?”