My 15 minutes

What an interesting day this has been. A month ago, on January 13, I speculated that the first “double 13” of the year was an ominous thing, and there were still eleven more of them to go. Well, today was the second “double 13” of the year (and in our lifetimes), and I won’t soonContinue reading “My 15 minutes”

An enduring record and a botched baseball card

One of my favorite things to write about is the unusual or obscure. You might call it bizarre, or even weird, and that would be fine by me. I think about Abraham Lincoln’s statement–uttered when he was still an unknown young man on the Illinois frontier– that “Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeksContinue reading “An enduring record and a botched baseball card”

Feel like playing a game?

Have you ever seen the game–it usually appears in children’s magazines–where there are two pictures side by side, and you’re supposed to pick out the differences between them? Sometimes there can be fairly obvious differences, like a man is wearing a hat in one picture and no hat in the other. And some differences areContinue reading “Feel like playing a game?”