Fun at the ballpark

Last night I went to a White Sox game with my family. It was a great night for baseball, and even though it was a 1-0 pitcher’s duel, it was just an amazing game. I had a blast, and I’m happy to rave about it here. The fireworks after the game just put an exclamationContinue reading “Fun at the ballpark”

Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

A requirement of living in Chicago is choosing one baseball team or the other. Every other sport in this town offers one team, and thus everyone who’s a football fan lives and dies with da Bears. The same is true of basketball and the Bulls, and hockey and the Blackhawks. But baseball is a wholeContinue reading “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye”

One week to go

It’s Friday night, and at this time next week Bruce Springsteen will be onstage at Wrigley Field. September once seemed far away, and now it’s almost here. It promises to be a rockin’ good time. Earlier this week I had a piece published on ChicagoSideSports about how Springsteen will be the first artist to playContinue reading “One week to go”

I’m shutting down for the season, too

Maybe this practice has been going on for a long time and I just haven’t noticed it, but there seems to be a wave of players that are being “shut down” for the remainder of this season. Joe Mauer, Andre Ethier, Johnny Cueto, Chone Figgins, and several others have decided–or been told–that they won’t playContinue reading “I’m shutting down for the season, too”


In a stats-driven game like baseball, there are some particular numbers that everyone pays attention to. For a single season, 60 (and later 61) home runs was the magic number, and probably still is, although the juicers (McGwire, et al.) exceeded ┬áthat number several times. There’s also 20 wins for pitchers, 200 hits for batters,Continue reading “Milestones”