He made the movies funny

Everyone in my generation who likes to laugh owes an enormous debt to Harold Ramis. The challenge of putting that debt into words is very daunting, but I’m going to take it on, anyway. When Ramis’s classic work was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was too young to see them inContinue reading “He made the movies funny”

Listening to the golf pencils

WRITE That message, engraved on the side of the golf pencils that were stationed next to the public payphones at the hotel I was staying at until yesterday, couldn’t have been any simpler or more direct. WRITE And yet there were many factors aligned against me: Kids who wanted to go out and do thingsContinue reading “Listening to the golf pencils”

The thing about Wal-Mart

I was on vacation last week, and lots of thoughts were kicking around inside my head. I even managed to get one out into this blog already, but for the most part I had neither the access to a computer nor the inclination to sit down and ruminate for the half-hour or so that IContinue reading “The thing about Wal-Mart”