Say it again!

Over the weekend, my little one took part in an ice skating competition in the suburbs of Chicago. She was in an event called “interp” where the skaters are given a piece of music and told to come up with moves to go along with the song. More often than not, the music selections–which areContinue reading “Say it again!”

What is it good for?

I want to honor the work of Edwin Starr by posting his signature song here, and suggesting that sending cruise missiles into Syria would be a mistake. Maybe President Obama knows that already, and he’s just going through the motions of posturing against Assad. I hope so, because if he takes the action that heContinue reading “What is it good for?”

Appreciating American music

As I was returning home from a long and most enjoyable vacation today, I commenced the battle of finding something on the radio. I wrote about this once before, and it makes me appreciate the concept of satellite radio. You pick a station you like, and never have to worry about whether it comes inContinue reading “Appreciating American music”

Why not a pitcher?

The selection of Justin Verlander as the American League MVP has certainly raised controversy in some quarters. I have heard some commentators suggest that because Verlander is not an “everyday” player, he should not be considered for an MVP award. Hogwash. Consider the World Series. Over the past 17 world Series, pitchers have won sevenContinue reading “Why not a pitcher?”