Winter dies on Opening Day

This has been the worst winter I can remember. We’ve had snow, cold, ice, more snow,  more cold, and still even more snow. Some days it felt like it was never going to go away. Spring officially started a few days ago, but today was the first day that it really felt like spring. AndContinue reading “Winter dies on Opening Day”

Spring is coming

This morning I walked out to a part of Lake Michigan that normally is under water. The hard freeze of this winter created many frozen glaciers, and they have finally begun to recede. The lake is now reclaiming the space it occupies in the warmer months, but winter will still linger for a little bit.Continue reading “Spring is coming”

Keeping Winter at bay

Today is the birthday of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who is best known for The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, but who also wrote the following couplet: The love of learning, the sequestered nooks And all the sweet serenity of books There’s another cold day outside, here in Chicago. Keeping warm is essential this winter, moreContinue reading “Keeping Winter at bay”

Light at the end of Winter’s tunnel

This winter has been unlike any that I’ve seen before. The cold seems colder, the snow seems deeper, and the winds seem to whip everything up with more gusto than usual. A conversation with a baseball-loving colleague earlier this week produced what I’m going to call the Wilker Rule. It’s an inverse relationship between theContinue reading “Light at the end of Winter’s tunnel”

A teabag wrapper haiku

I’ve been drinking tea lately, as I wean myself off of a long-term coffee habit. And when I drink tea at work, I undo the tea envelope so as to leave the paper intact. And today, I took the white space and the baseball on my coffee-turned-tea mug as a form of inspiration. I reallyContinue reading “A teabag wrapper haiku”

And the snow comes back

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year, or at least for this winter. Last winter’s snow pattern was very strange, with a dusting on Christmas day, and then none until early February. We obviously won’t be getting that again this year. I also saw some snow in the Smoky Mountains on Spring break, soContinue reading “And the snow comes back”

Spring at last

This may have been the strangest winter I’ve ever experienced. There was literally no snow at all–with the exception of the Christmas day miracle–from the end of Fall up until early February. Then the groundhog predicted an early spring, and it all went wrong. We had snow, ice, rain, and varying degrees of mixtures betweenContinue reading “Spring at last”

Nothing to complain about

When you’re in a climate-controlled cabin in the Smoky Mountains, and this is the view out of the window, there’s not too much to complain about. Even if it is supposed to be Spring Break. Winter came late this year, is all. And next week we’ll have baseball. Can’t beat that.

Desire with fire

I borrowed the title for this from a Carlos Santana tweet. The full text was “Vision Aspiration Desire with Fire Courage.” It sounds like a recipe for getting things that you want. As I see it, the meaning of “desire with fire” is to want something so badly that obstacles won’t stop you. And that’sContinue reading “Desire with fire”

Waiting for Spring while I still can

I complain about things sometimes. We all do. But going to cemetery can help to bring some perspective to life’s troubles. I’ve written about Beyond the Vines before, a Cubs-themed burial spot in a cemetery in Chicago. Spring training will never come again for the people whose names are on this wall, which makes theContinue reading “Waiting for Spring while I still can”

Waiting on a sunny day

There are some days where everything looks great. The sun is shining, the road is unobstructed, and everything seems to stretch itself out before you. But yesterday wasn’t one of those days. The weather sucked, there were potholes and ice everywhere, and every step seemed treacherous. And yet there was a journey that had to be made.  Along the way, IContinue reading “Waiting on a sunny day”

The depths of winter

Today there’s snow on the ground, and the air is cold. It could be worse (at least the cold winds aren’t blowing),  but it’s far from what I want. Winter is a tolerable season, but nothing more than that to me. Football fans love this time of year. Conference championships today, and the Super BowlContinue reading “The depths of winter”