Waiting for the parade

The view above is one of that I found on a river in Wisconsin. It must be hunting season, as I’ve heard five shots ring out since I’ve started typing this. I’m not a hunter and never will be, so I sought out a riverbank instead, content to watch the water flow by. It sureContinue reading “Waiting for the parade”

I’m gonna pop some tags

I have to admit that the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” is exceedingly catchy. As a long-time thrift shop guy myself, it’s exciting to find something interesting for less than you’d pay for it at retail. The $50 t-shirt from the song? I know exactly the point being made there. Don’t pay that if you don’tContinue reading “I’m gonna pop some tags”

Life is short

I say it all the time, but life is indeed short. I could riff on the death of Hugo Chavez at 58 from cancer, but many others will do that better than I could. So I’ll use this story instead. The snow from this storm fell yesterday, and is heading eastward today. I’m staring atContinue reading “Life is short”

First you gotta have heart

Today was a cold and wintry day in Illinois, and even more so up north in Wisconsin. My teenager had a skating competition up that way, which involved a drive of a couple of hours in the general direction of Fond du Lac. I captured a pretty view along the way, and had a coupleContinue reading “First you gotta have heart”

An attack on America

The killing of Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin over the weekend wasn’t supposed to happen. None of these shootings, like the ones in Aurora, and Tucson, and Fort Hood, and Virginia Tech, and many other places, are supposed to happen. But when a crazy guy (and they’re always guys, aren’t they?) who’s had his mindContinue reading “An attack on America”

The Love Curd

Cheese curds are something that may be available outside of Wisconsin, but once you cross into the state, they seem to be everywhere. And buying a bag of cheese to munch on just seems like the thing to do. And so it was when I went to a Culver’s Restaurant in Wisconsin for lunch lastContinue reading “The Love Curd”

A rock and roll miracle

I’ve been on vacation with my family for the past week, and haven’t had any time to blog lately. But it’s late at night, and I’m in the business center of a Holiday Inn that apparently doesn’t limit its internet usage, so here goes: Country music has never been my thing. I live in aContinue reading “A rock and roll miracle”