These aren’t easy on the eyes

One of the things that baseball has started doing in recent years, which I really like, is the “throwback” uniforms. The Cubs are actually 5-0 all time in throwbacks, with the most recent win coming when they beat the Red Sox in Fenway Park last May. Looking back on it, that game was one of many that this year’s Red Sox choked away. If the Red Sox had been able to hold on to even one of these games, it would have made the Baltimore Collapse less catastrophic than it turned out to be. But that’s all over now.

Trevor Cahill has the good fortune, if that’s really what it is, to play for a team with some absolutely hideous throwbacks at their disposal. The Oakland A’s in the Reggie Jackson, Vida Blue, and Catfish Hunter era could throw green and/or yellow at you in a veritable technicolor whirlwind. Such is the case with the Cahill uniform above.

The game itself won’t ever return to what it was back in the early 1970s, but thanks to the A’s throwback uniforms and the Topps’ Company’s decision to embrace this mustard and avocado look, we’ll always be reminded of  what passed for big league style back then.

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